Make your own trackside-figures from plastic toy soldiers
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Use a side-cutter and a knife to remove all armor parts and everything you don't like.
Then use a temperature controlled soldering station, to sculpture the figures in the right shape. (about 200 degrees)
The originals before... ...and after    
001.jpg (131566 bytes) 001a.jpg (138258 bytes)
Running or climbing figures
001b.jpg (129168 bytes)
003.jpg (118780 bytes) 003a.jpg (135958 bytes)
More marshalls
003b.jpg (136877 bytes)
Arm cut of and lowered
003c.jpg (113953 bytes)
004.jpg (119781 bytes) 004a.jpg (91782 bytes)
004b.jpg (94596 bytes)  
005.jpg (127694 bytes)  
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